One Complete Service For Removals and Packing in Willesden

Use us for removals and packing in Willesden to make sure you only need to worry about you on moving day. We’ll turn up in advance to pack for you, using the sturdiest packing materials – ensuring every step of your move is handled professionally…

Why Use Our Removals and Packing Services in Willesden?

Get removals and packing from Han’s Removals to guarantee that you get a service which gives you:

  • Your move carried out by a company with a solid reputation built up over ten years of reliable service delivery
  • Full insurance cover supporting your service, along with work from vetted and trained professionals
  • Client support available whenever you need it – give us a call 24 hours a day, any day
  • As well as packing, we can handle heavy and awkward furniture by dismantling or hoisting it out
  • Money saved whenever you book more than one service at the same time, or when you’ve used us before!
  • You aren’t pressed for time – if we need to stay longer than you booked, we will!
  • A clearly quoted price for your removals and packing services in Willesden before we start

Han’s Removals Works Like This:

The only thing you’ll need to do before your full removal service happens is to make sure that your team will have a parking space for their vehicle at both your destination and departure addresses.

Everything else gets taken care of by trained experts. We provide all of the packing materials as part of your service, including:

  • Tough cardboard boxes of several sizes
  • Wardrobe boxes for clothing
  • Packing tape, bubble wrap, and other materials

We’ll usually prefer to do your packing at least 24 hours in advance of your service taking place. This makes the entire process far less stressful all round! Remember that just like our other services, you can order a same-day option, and reschedule or cancel for FREE at any point.

There’s a reason 95%+ of our clients would recommend us to a friend!

Book Your Service Now!

24-hour a day support lines mean you can give us a call – on 020 7846 0472 – whenever it’s a good time for you. We usually say that it’s a good idea to book an onsite viewing from one of our movers to get an accurate quote, though we can sometimes provide an estimate over the phone. Call now to tell us what you need!!